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Save Yourself

"No one is going to come and save you; save yourself"

If you are like me who believes in the existence of a Supreme being or "source" as the rational explanation for the start of the complex life and world we live in, then these words may resonate with you:

"His divine power has given us ALL that pertains to life and godliness"

This is an interesting verse of the Bible that infers that we have (already) received all that we need for life. Basically, what that does is it places the burden and responsibility of where you are on no one else but YOU.

If you are having struggles with life, you will probably realise how difficult it is for someone to come along and tell you to "save yourself". Come to think about it, you say to yourself, you have tried everything. You have worked hard, you have put in effort, you have put in resources and stuff is not panning out like you want. And if you have had real struggles with depression, like I have, then you realise how much this disease can paint the world grey and snuff out any sliver of hope.

But therein lies the irony; Life does NOT respond to tears.

I remember sitting with my wife, contemplating the storms that had been thrust onto our laps. Together, we had cried, drowning in despair and hopelessness - but then, if Life had taught us anything, it is this simple truth.

No one is going to save you. You will have to save yourself.

And herein lies yet ANOTHER irony; when you begin the process of waking up, shaking yourself from your reverie, wiping the tears from your eyes and resolving to move forward, Life responds, slowly at first. And then, almost as though it is checking out how serious you are, how committed you are to your chosen cause, it starts to give you higher and higher doses of results and the rewards you seek.

I think once this realisation truly settles, we will begin to look away from others, begin to see the folly of envy, begin to think less like parasites and begin to look inward to the resources we ALREADY have.

No one is going to come and save you; save yourself...

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