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Productivity Hack: #2 The Art of Lists!

Here's my second post on productivity hacks that help me juggle the many hats I wear as a Dad, Hubby, Entrepreneur, Project Manager, Writer, Musician and quite a lot of other things.

Today, I'll be talking about the Art of LISTING!

Lists are so underrated!

An amazing productivity hack is to use lists as much as possible when you want to get stuff done. Having a list forces the mind to clarify, in more details, what it wants or wants to get done.

And then, you need to keep lists very simple.

So, going into a meeting?

Have a list of things you want to get out of the meeting. If things are not going to plan, you can redirect the course of the meeting or gun for what you want because you now know (clearly) what you want. This way you get the best result for your precious precious Time.

Going shopping?

Obviously, have a list of things you want to buy. It reduces the chances of multiple trips to the store and wasting your precious precious Time.

Going for a review session? Have a list of things you want to talk about and highlight? So that you hit off all key points during that precious precious Time.

Starting your day?

Have a list of things you want to get done during the day. So you maximize your day (which adds up to change the course of your Life for good or bad) and get the best out of your precious precious Time.

Working on a project?

Obviously, have a list of things you need to tick off. So things don’t fall through the cracks or someone tries to add something that should not have been part of the project - which impacts your precious precious Time.

Looking for a place to hang out? Have a list of prospective places you want to check out. This way, you know you’d be narrowing down to the best options to spend your precious precious Time!

Looking for a partner? Have a list of traits you like so it’s clearer in your head what the ideal picture is like. This way, when you see someone that does not fit the bill, you know right away - and do not waste your precious precious Time.

Finally, a good rule of thumb is to keep the list SHORT, whenever possible. I try not to go above 3 - except it's a shopping or project list. The longer a list gets, obviously, the harder it becomes to get things done - and when this happens repeatedly, you subconsciously train the brain to underperform. So keep it short - which will force you to PRIORITISE.

That’s all folks! More productivity hacks coming your way soon…


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