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My crazy life - and current projects!

So much has been happening in my life. For starters, I got kicked off Whatsapp!

"Do people get banned from Whatsapp?!" was the question people asked when I told them that had happened to me.

What's interesting is that you get no explanation. Just a ban to shut me up!


Now, coincidentally <evil smirk> this comes at a time when I just launched my own social media app. It is called and you should visit it.

WHY? Social media tends to devolve and become mean and crazy over a period of time.

So, I was thinking to myself, what if there was a social media site where you could speak ANONYMOUSLY and get stuff off your chest?

What if there was a social media site where you could really express yourself without fear, with the option of being anonymous or unanonymous?

What if there was a social media site where you could get others to support you, or where you could support others - and this became the basis for making friends, ie real connections and not suggestions from an evil algorithm trying to match you with random people and create a false sense of "friendship"?

So I put together which is a single web application (no need to download anything!) and we have been getting a few responses. When you post anonymously, it assigns a random tree as your name and no one knows who you are.

So if you're interested in just getting stuff off your chest, or want to make a random confession about a secret crush or boss you dislike - or you want to just help people get through a rough patch - head over to and drop a line or two; we will appreciate the feedback.


I have also been Podcasting every weekend now! I have done 4 so far, just talking about some "deep stuff" I am understanding about life and the cosmos. Losing my sister last year REALLY opened my eyes in some uncanny ways and I am learning to just get out of my safe space and share my understanding of the many things that interest me. People are kind enough to say I am "wise" and "smart" - well, so far! LoL!

So, if you are looking to just chill with some wine (or bong), on the weekend, with your legs up, hearing my cool baritone voice talking about life, God, philosophy, with some soft music in the background, head over to my Podcast on Spotify, listen to the episodes (#3 is currently my favorite and a good way to start) - and let me know your thoughts in the comment section here!


I generally don't like to sell STUFF - but you can now grab some merchandise from off the store here if you are interested. It is JCNova branded (and I have to say it looks pretty cool!) - and it's a JCNova Mug, for if you're a coffee head like me, and snapback caps that are great for yourself or as a gift. This is new terrain even for me, but grab one (or both) and let me know what your experience was like and if you liked it. And if you have never gotten one of my books, grab one too!

Finally, I am putting together a WRITING CHALLENGE to encourage people who really want to get into writing books and getting their works out there. I am looking at starting from a 5 or 10 day challenge - and if there are sufficient people who show interest, we can have a dry run, and then do another challenge for a slighly longer duration.

Does that sound like something you would like to be a part of?

If yes, let me know! And if we have a sufficient number of people, we can all get on the challenge and encourage each other to write books; maybe you'll finally end up writing that book you've always wanted to write in 2022!!!


Let me know what you have been up to in the comment section - and if you are interested in being part of the writing challenge. It will just be a few days of writing consistently to get you into the habit. And don't forget to check out, my Podcast and the merch!

We're all going to have an epic 2022! Cheers



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