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What I'm working on: AEGIS Volume 2

I've started working on the next part of the AEGIS comic series - and I am very excited.

I think it is going to be a damn good story!

Don't know about the AEGIS comic series?

Well, if you don't know, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Let's start with some concept art.

The story:

After the death of his wife and getting rescued by an unusual group that has operated in the shadows, Dede Phillips soon realises he has been thrust into an ancient conflict between hidden realms. Dede has to get to the root of it all and in the process, begins to discover some unusual things about himself.

My version:

It's the story of a woman. Well, she dies.

It's also the story of her husband. He's just a regular dude, who stumbles onto some dangerous secrets. And now his world is falling apart.

And a crazy killer is after him.

Actually, couple of crazy killers.

And even when he sleeps, well, let's just say weird things happen.


Lol... Ok, I hope I am not doing such a bad job of getting you intrigued.

May just a teeny weeny bit!

But you can be sure there is quite a lot of action!!!

And there are also some unusual characters.

Well, that depends on if you think angels are unusual; you don't exactly see them having lunch at Starbucks.

But yes, there are a couple of fighting angels - and yes, you got it right; they fight demons.


So, that's AEGIS in a nutshell and I guess I can talk about what is coming up in the next volume.

I think stories get a bit more interesting if there is some romance.

There will also be exploration of some complex themes, like "why do bad things happen to good people"? If someone is surrounded by angels, how do they get killed?

The next series also introduces a string of REALLY interesting Characters. Many may be familiar with the villain know as The Knife, an amazing martial artist who is versed in the dark arts - but that's nothing compared to what's coming.

So if you want to catch up on the story, check out the ALL 6 episodes of the story here in Kindle or paperback format - and if you like what you read (or have read), drop a comment below, Like

And share!


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