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What I'm reading: Inanna (Every woman has her story) - by Debby Osa

"Go and read Inanna - especially if you are a woman!"

I'll be honest, I think a section on what I am reading is long overdue.

However, bear with me; I am re-organizing my life (again).

Feels like I do that every six months as I try to figure out this time-bound project that is my (rather interesting) life!

But I digress...

So I was told about this book by a Nigerian author called Debby Osa. I have read a few Nigerian authors and while some have been great, a few many have been... well, interesting. It is kinda hard to critique someone you are in the same field with lest you are seen as a "hater". lol...

Anyway, I started reading Inanna.

My first impression was, this is a really polished writer. Like, Debby Osa knows how to write.

My next impression was, this writer is coming from a really deep place.

As I read, there were many emotional moments for me. I found myself reliving several experiences in my own past, "ancient pain points" were unearthed, tear-jerking moments almost made my eyes go misty. And many times, though the main character was fictional, all I kept thinking to myself was, "I understand. I understand".

So, though this is something I have never done on my blog, I will do it for this one: Go and read Inanna - especially if you are a woman!

Here's the blurb:

When her widowed father told lonely, eight year-old Barbara she was going to have a step-family, she was excited to have a full home again - unaware that it was the beginning of a journey filled with grief, betrayal and secrets

…a journey that would transform a wide-eyed, naive child into the beautiful and ultimate femme-fatale, Inanna Philips.

Now, years later, Inanna has it all:

The perfect business - a Fortune 500 company

The perfect man - the dashing and wealthy Olabode Adekoya

And the perfect house - a gorgeous, sprawling mansion that’s the envy of the neighbourhood

Then, one day, she meets Joshua - and arrives home to find her beautiful mansion transformed into a damp, smelling forest infested with rotten trees and roaming wild animals…

…and her perfect world unravels…

Below are a couple of places you can get the book from.

And no, I am not getting a dime from book purchases! It's just a really great book - and I want you to enjoy it as much as I did.

Go get yours!



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