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About J.C.Nova


"I'm going to frighten you. Or Inspire you. And if you're neither, well, I tried!" 

J.C. Nova is an acclaimed author with several works credited to him. His novels include Kissing Snakes, Our Favourite Demon, They took a Trip - and his most recent work, Of Priests and Mermaids. He has written many posts on several blogs and magazines and is currently the Script Writer for the Comic Series, AEGIS by Epoch Comics. He writes within the Thriller fiction, Action and Fantasy genres. 

Apart from writing novels, J.C.Nova is passionate about Family, Financial Freedom, Faith and personal development. So in addition to novels he writes, he touches on these themes in his blog posts and videos. He draws on his experience as a Father, Entrepreneur and "Truth Seeker" to give insights into practical tips for families, navigating the world of business and work - and exploring difficult questions about Faith, Life & Relationships.  

He lives with his wife and kids in Ontario, Canada and performs music from time-to-time under the stage name, XTsamurai. He loves tea, meaningful conversations, video games and long walks. 

Twitter: @the_jcnova

Instagram: @the_jcnova


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